This is a series of stock that was compiled by virtue that it’s the stuff that kept getting put back in the stack when you were really searching for something else. This has been going on for quite sometime now, starting seventeen years agoNone of this stuff is less than eight years old. So, if nothing else it’s certainly dry.

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There are some sweet pieces in this mess and some that aren’t so sweet, but in every case the side of the board with the worst warts is the side that was photographed.

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Some of the boards are just perfect, but be cautious when reviewing these photos. Quite a number of the boards are heavily figured, but have inclusions or schisms running through the board in an area, maybe a dig where a nail was removed, or a punky spot. The boards are nice and flat, so if you can work around a bit of character, you’re in like flint


It’s been nice having his stuff around all these years. If I needed something for a guy doing restorations and needing a color match for something old I could generally dig around in this stock and find just the thing

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But, I’m running out of space in the sticking house, there’s a lot of new stock coming out of new logs that needs to be accommodated. So, I guess it’s time to oust the old and make room for the new.

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Find a piece or two that you like. Call Mark at 305-664-2924 or Emailmark@urbanforestrecycling.comfor prices and answers to your questions.


Mark Butler 2012