This tree is one of my favorite species for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is that it’s suitable for anything and it’s always gorgeous!!


The pieces above are pretty good size bowl blanks. If they’re a bit much, you might be happier with one of the smaller pieces in the pic below.

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Red Mahoe takes so well to the knife. It doesn’t much matter if your talking about a gouge, a skew, a carving tool, or a planer blade. It’ll cut easily in any direction without tearing. Even though the wood’s well figured, uniform pressure will give you a uniform cut.

These trees will grow right down on the shoreline. They’re so hearty it’s scary. They’ll root too .

The pieces below are smaller still. Pretty good for a miniature something or other.

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A price list that corresponds to the numbered pieces in these pics is available for all this stuff, just Email me and I’ll be happy to send out a spec sheet.

Mark Butler 2012