Wild Tamarind is dense, fairly hard and frequently very well figured. It machines well enough. It’s suitable for turning, carving, furniture construction, and marine applications.

WildTamarind always strikes me as something along the lines of Walnut on steroids.

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It hails from the West Indies all the way back to the Keys.

Wild Tamarind trees have the unfortunate characteristic of sometimes developing serious heart rot. The logs in this group were a case in point. Sans heart rot, the tree is durable as can be, it stands up well against our winds.

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These are cuttings taken from a small log out of the group of logs on hand. For the most part these are bastard sizes. The result of getting as much stock as possible from around the punky heart of the log.

Looking for bowl blanks or something for a weed pot? Maybe one of the pieces in the picture above will do.


These pieces do sort of beg the question, " Do I cut it down and turn it, or resaw the thing and make a
box? "

The pieces in the pic below cause the same dilemma.


So, I guess you've noticed, these are all numbered pieces. There is a stock list complete with dimensions and prices keyed to the numbered pieces on this page.
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